The “I” in me

I live my life,

I am my life,

I live what I believe

I create my own existence


I walk with my faith in hand

I play my guitar in my life’s band

I strike the cords of every note

I breathe out notes that life can quote


I … i really hate the word I … for standing up out of the mud and moving on, moving forward .. living carefree, with now hindrance from the past .. no powerful arms of memory to pull you back into the endless black hole … that is not I .. that is not me .. that is not myself … that is me surrendering my whole existence to the One who encompasses life, love and dreams.


You are my rock, my salvation, my strong tower, my redeemer, my Abba father, You are the great I am.  Before you i lay my life, my dreams, and my existence!  In you i move and have my being.  You are a wonderful councillor and my closest friend!


When i lose sight of what You are, who You are, i lose sight of who i am …  for in you i find my worth, You validate the fact that i breathe air and wake up every morning.  You give me a reason to smile, a reason to love.  You inspire me to become more than what i am. You guide my feet and rest my weary soul.


~ deur merriemuis op Julie 13, 2009.

One Response to “The “I” in me”

  1. Dit is regtig baie mooi Melanie. Jy skryf darem maar die mooiste goed.

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